Who is ed hartwell dating

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Keshia, who was introduced to Ed by his ex-wife Lisa, began ducking and dodging Lisa after she started creeping with Ed.

The source described Keshia sitting in the car while Ed dropped his son off at peewee league football.

Look at this man, who would want a weekend of unadultrated fantasies fullfilled by him?

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It all seemed a bit too fast when Keshia Knight Pulliam Ed Hartwell tied the knot after only 4 months of dating.

And now we’ve learned that Pulliam dangled her so-called wealth and celebrity to latch onto Ed Hartwell.

Keshia and Ed were married at their Alpharetta home on or about Jan. Keshia’s mentor, Raymond Coleman officiated over the civil ceremony.

Hartwell reportedly dumped his fiancee a few months ago for Keshia.

That’s right: Ed and another woman were My source said Keshia sold her condo and moved in with Ed just 2 months ago — after dating for only one month.

Hartwell made a guest appearance on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. Now get this, Keshia Knight Pulliam is worth million, so if Ed plays his cards right he can take her for half.

We don’t know how true this RUMOR is, but if this is why Ed married her – then shame on him.

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