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Typically hilly, the climate is both Mediterranean and continental.

The Adriatic Sea, which is approximately 30 kilometres (19 mi) away, and particularly the Apennine Mountains influence the weather.

After the destruction of Helvia Recina by the barbarians, the inhabitants took shelter upon the hills and eventually began to rebuild the city, first on the top of the hills, before descending again later and expanding. It became a municipality (or comune in Italian) in August 1138.

The town counts several hamlets (frazioni) and localities: Acquesalate, Acquevive, Botonto San Giacomo, Botonto Sant'Isidoro, Cervare, Cimarella, Cincinelli, Collevario, Colleverde, Consalvi, Corneto, Helvia Recina, Isola, Madonna del Monte, Montanello, Piediripa, Sforzacosta, Valle, Vallebona, Valteia, Villa Potenza.

The orchestra was placed immediately behind it and the seats were located around it.

In the middle of the front sidewall was built a large door that allowed the entrance of the Egyptian conqueror.

The University of Macerata was founded in 1290 and has about 13,000 students; Macerata also has an art school, two publishing houses (Liberilibri and Quodlibet), jazz clubs and the like.

The opera and its Triumphal March employed many people (in addition to about one thousand props and also different animals such as horses and camels).Middle seasons are variable, and late snowfall and frost may occur during April. Summer is rather sunny, and sometimes the thermometer reaches 40 °C (104 °F).Garbino is the cause, a hot wind from the hinterland.È stata una delle dame più ammirate e discusse del Trono Over di Uomini e Donne, impossibile dimenticarla.Stiamo parlando di Elga Profili, la quarantaseienne che ha fatto girare la testa a molti cavalieri dello show di Canale5.

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