Rob pattinson dating annelyse schoenberger

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His mother Clare, a model-agency booker, and father Richard, a vintage-car dealer, sent him to private schools near their home in Barnes, south-west London – Tower House prep and then Harrodian.

He played the piano and classical guitar, watched Arsenal and had no interest in acting.

He even said he’d pay me to go, which actually I thought pretty strange. ‘I was going to do the conventional thing and go to university to study international relations,’ he says.

‘I wanted to be a politician, but Harry Potter made that decision for me.’ New Moon (the sequel to 2008’s Twilight) has taken £470 million worldwide.

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It’s as if he’s trying to distance himself from his poster-boy image, shying away from the spotlight.‘I don’t think a lot of actors really pay attention to him, but I’ve always been very impressed by James Dean.

and i do agree that if they broke up, that it would be awkward to do movies together, they would be cute together, but so would we. They are really cute together even it's just a movie. Cause if they date too and break up it would really hard for them to work together!!! by the end of the movies they WILL go out i just know it and rob is CRAZY HEAD OVER HEALS CRAZY for kristin and i think she likes him that way to i mean have u seen them together???

love me, don't hate me, cuz you ain't me They might not be dating now and Kristen has already a boyfriend. There are 3 remaining parts of the book that haven't been filmed. lets just say that robert pattinson is head over heels for kristen stewart.

'Another girl started undressing in front of me in the street.

To get my attention she’d asked me what she could do, so as a joke I said, “Take all your clothes off.” But then she actually started taking her clothes off right there!

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