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The same problem will re-occur in other months which, like December, have five paydays, because universal credit is calculated on a monthly basis. The controversy comes just two days before a Government minister faces being hauled back to the Commons after MPs ordered a cut to separate long delays to universal credit payments.

"The vast majority of people in work continue to get universal credit in a five-week month and when people’s earnings take them over the UC threshold they can continue to have universal credit the following month.” Their earnings are topped up by the benefit, which is gradually being introduced around the country, merging six existing working-age benefits.

A spokesperson said: “Universal credit adjusts automatically to people’s earnings so they have a guaranteed stable monthly income, and to make work pay.

“Employed people are managing the UC payment structure well and to suggest otherwise is misleading.

When Google Fiber first launched in Kansas City, in addition to the Internet options mentioned above, subscribers were offered a package with 150 cable TV channels and the superfast Internet service for 0 per month.

According to the , though, Google just raised rates by .

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