Invalidating your spouse

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When Dennis did find work, it was in the auditorium of the Orinoco Club; a job with prospects but not quite in the way Elsie had envisioned.He briefly dated one of the club's acts, Joyce Bond, but when he took her home Elsie was unwelcoming.When he did so, Mavis lost interest in him and returned home.Still working for Lenny Phillips, Dennis kept his eye out for new talent.

He tried to pretend that his gran lived in Coronation Street and Elsie was the maid but had to admit the truth eventually.

Five years later, the marriage had broken down and Dennis found himself in prison for conning money out of pensioners.

After some lean years, including a spell of homelessness in late 2010, Dennis found himself back on the Street in 2011 after some forty years away.

Dennis told Elsie that he was embarrassed to bring girls home and called her a hypocrite - she had had more than her fair share of boyfriends over the years.

Dennis was intrigued by the world of showbusiness; after a few months, he took a regular singing spot at the club, performing under the stage name "Ricky Dennis".

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