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In February of 2015, the Powerball drawing with a 4.1 million jackpot there were three different winners who got to split this top prize. lotteries in years past with jackpots north of 0 million, and as mentioned a year-end lottery is up for grabs with a Powerball jackpot of 0 million and a Mega Millions jackpot of 7 million.

New York's March lottery drawing brought a jackpot worth 6 million. While many lists explain what you should do if you win, it is surprising how few actual warnings are out there that can be used a scare-tactic guide that makes lottery winners do the right thing.

After doing some research, we find this is apparently the simplest and easiest error to make. Then imagine what can happen if someone else snags your ticket and shows up to collect the prize.

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Being a winner of a multimillion dollar lottery certainly will be a life-changing event for almost every single lottery winner.Go see a reputable and visible tax professional and a reputable investment advisor at a top money management firm with a widely recognized company name and a long corporate history.This theme of "reputable and visible" will echo throughout.Doesn't it seem cruel to imagine that many lottery winners become losers?There is a saying that newly wealthy people need to commit to memory: you should only have to get rich once.

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